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95West Aerial Mapping

95West Aerial Mapping provides aerial acquisition and geospatial services throughout the United States and Canada. It is our commitment to offer unique solutions utilizing cutting edge equipment to deliver services that are tailored to our clients' needs.

Our Team

95West comprises professionals who are among the best in the industry. Our experience brings a level of efficiency to your project that is unparalleled. We use the latest state of the art technology to the fullest, which means you get the best value for your money. Our team is stacked with experts and support staff.

Have a unique request?
We specialize in finding solutions to meet your needs.
We offer a range of geospatial services to meet your unique needs.
From utilities to terrain to transportation and more, our solutions are tailored to your projects.
About Us
95West's team has been providing aerial services for clients across the United States and Canada for decades.

Common Applications for our Services:

3D Modeling
Airport Facilities Survey
Asset management
Disaster/Emergency Response
Engineering Applications
Environmental Applications
Feature extraction/modeling
Floodplain Evaluation
Forestry Mapping
High-density lidar
Land Use Mapping & Planning

Municipal GIS
Obstruction Mapping
Structure modeling
Terrain Analysis, DEM, DTM
Transportation Planning
Urban Planning
Utilities Corridor Monitoring
Viewshed Analysis
Volumetric Studies
Watershed Analysis
Wide area mapping (federal, state, and local)

Fast-Track Your Transportation Project

Our transportation solutions, from roadways to railways to airports, have enabled our clients to fast-track project completion without sacrificing accuracy or quality. We regularly support design-build efforts for major highway construction partners, including transportation departments and engineering firms. We typically use large scale mapping solutions, such as high-density lidar and low altitude photogrammetry supported by a highly accurate control survey.

Forestry and Natural Resources Industries Rely on Lidar Data to Study Canopies and Ground Terrain

Managers of forests, rivers, watersheds, wildlife habitats, and other public lands have come to rely on aerial remote sensing to efficiently image and analyze assets on lands within their stewardship. When canopy volumes need to be studied, lidar provides a reliable means of penetrating vegetation to establish an accurate baseline ground surface as well as modeling the top of the canopy.  Using this technology, we can also estimate standing tree types and number and height of trees.

Government Clients Use Aerial Mapping to Make Informed Decisions

Local governments are using remotely sensed data, derivative products, and technologies to solve problems and make good decisions. Our approach helps local governments simplify processes, reduce costs, and aid in the understanding of urban conditions, all of which benefits citizens by improving the service they receive. Common applications include impervious surface mapping, land use or land cover mapping, and change detection.

95West's Geospatial Services Help Mines and Quarries Track Material Volumes

Active commodity mines and aggregate quarries across the nation regularly use aerial imagery and lidar for long-range planning and to track, model, and quickly calculate the changing volume of materials. This data is produced within a significantly shorter time frame, and because the material volume does not change during the survey, it is more accurate than traditional ground surveying methods.

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