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95West Aerial Mapping Equipment

At 95West Aerial Mapping we strive to operate the latest technology and aircraft to provide our clients with quality, reliability, and accuracy.


  • Cessna Grand Caravan 208B (2008) 
95West Aerial Mapping’s new Cessna Grand Caravan 208(B) from 2008, is a high-wing, turboprop aircraft that  more than doubles our cabin and capacity for mounted cameras, Lidar scanners, supporting technology, and crewmembers. The increased space allows for simultaneous capture for of images and Lidar scanning, improving accuracy while reducing flying time required for our team. 


  • Riegl VQ-1560 II-S 
  • Leica ALS-70 CM 
The new VQ-1560 II-S follows the successful concept of RIEGL’s proven dual channel laser scanner series. With increased laser power, the operational altitudes are extended up to 5250 ft AGL at a pulse repetition rate of 4MHz, or up to 13,000 ft AGL at a pulse repetition rate of 540kHz. These improved maximum ranges allow an increase of the system’s productivity by about 25% over previous sensors. Its unique “cross-fire” scan pattern and wide operational range make the instrument the most versatile airborne laser scanner on the market today. It is perfectly suited for any kind of application – from ultra-dense corridor mapping from low altitudes to large-scale wide area mapping.
– Riegl USA 


  • Vexcel UltraCam Eagle M3, f80 (Large format) 
  • Leica RCD30 (Medium format) 
The UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 boasts an ultra-large footprint of 450 Megapixels, collecting a four-band image that is 26,460 pixels across. Thanks to the latest sensor technology, the UltraCam Eagle achieves an excellent minimum capture interval of one frame per 1.5 seconds. A user exchangeable lens system offers the option of focal lengths at 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 210mm — a groundbreaking enhancement in digital photogrammetry. The result is an ultra-efficient, ultra-flexible, ultra-reliable camera for streamlined image acquisition for all your mission needs.
Vexcel Imaging 


  • Stabilized Mounts: All of our equipment is mounted on gyro- stabilized mounts that correct for roll, pitch, and yaw eliminating data gaps and reducing image rotation. This helps us collect high accuracy data and ensure that we deliver a high-quality product regardless of flight conditions.

Additional Equipment

95West also operates a fleet of sUAS to handle projects of all sizesThey are a great tool to support smaller projectsinspections, site monitoring, and more. 

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