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Aerial Lidar surveys use laser technology to survey large areas quickly and accurately.

Lidar captures wide area terrain information and above ground features more efficiently than conventional survey methods.

The acquired point cloud can be used to accurately map terrain and provide real world positions of extracted features such as utilities or structures.
Andrew with Riegl VQ-1560 II-S LiDAR scanner

Common Lidar Applications

Lidar is used by many agencies and companies for a wide variety of mapping needs. 

  • Terrain Analysis, DEM, DTM  
  • Transportation Planning 
  • Utility Design and Monitoring 
  • Engineering Applications 
  • Volumetric Studies 
  • Obstruction Analysis 
  • 3D Modeling 
  • Municipal GIS 
  • Change Detection 
  • Land Use Mapping  
  • Forestry Mapping 
  • Floodplain Evaluation 
  • Urban Planning 
  • Watershed Analysis 
  • Airport Facilities Survey 

Point Density

Lidar Point (Pulse) Density is typically described by points per square meter (ppm). These images show examples of scans at 1, 5, 10, and 30 ppsm.

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