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Simultaneous Capture

95West is pioneering simultaneous large-format imagery and high-density lidar collection

Simultaneous Collection

At 95West Aerial Mapping we have revolutionized simultaneous collection with the recent acquisition of two state-of-the-art sensors and a new aircraft. Operating a Cessna Caravan equipped with a Vexcel UltraCam Eagle M3 and a Riegl VQ-1560 II-S

Benefits of simultaneous large-format collection include: 

  • Coincident datasets 
  • Single mobilization expense 
  • More efficient acquisition 
  • Larger image footprints and swath widths 
  • Increased detail and precision 
  • Data versatility 
  • Current terrain data for orthorectification 

95 West has been performing simultaneous collection for many years, operating a Leica ALS 70 with an integrated RCD30 medium format camera. Our most recent equipment upgrade only expands on our ability to service clients from all disciplines with quality and efficiency.

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